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With this little CRO tool it is even easier to create a good and solid hypothesis for your next experiment. Which can help in creating better experiments, easier analysis and having better learnings. Based on the CRO Hypothesis Kit v3 by Craig Sullivan. With the help of Colin Mcfarland (Netflix), Lukas Vermeer (Booking.com), Rik Higham (Skyscanner), Doug Hall (Conversion Works) and Michael Aagard (Unbounce).

Build your own simple hypothesis

Because we saw (data/feedback).
We expect that (change) will cause (impact).
We’ll measure this using (data metric).

Ethics: Before the experiment goes live. You should check if this experiment is ethical, by asking yourself the following question. Are you okay if The New York Times writes a front-page article about this experiment and mentions your company and yourself? If the answer is no, then it is presumably not an ethical correct experiment and you should not run it.

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