CRO Tools

An unsorted and living list of 98 essential Conversion Rate Optimization tools that a CRO specialist needs in their toolbox in 2023. New CRO tools are added regularly.

Some CRO tools are transparent about their efforts to comply with GDPR. For example Convert and Hotjar. I have added links to those specific GDPR pages for those CRO tools. I've also added links to information about ITP and ETP. On Cookie Status by Simo Ahava, you can find more information about tracking protection mechanisms browsers are implementing. A tool that can provide a fix for ITP and ETP is TraceDock.

This list contains the following 10 types of CRO tools

3 CRO tools build by myself

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A/B Testing Tools

A list of tools you can use for A/B testing and Multivariate testing on your websites and apps.

Browser extensions for A/B Testing Tools

Open Source Server-side A/B Testing Tools

Planning & Workflow tools

Planning & Workflow tool can help you to keep track of the status of all your experiments. And it will help you create a knowledge base of results and learnings.

Qualitative Research tools

Besides quantitative you want to have an answer to why a user is doing something. A Qualitative Research tool can help you to get that answer. And back-up the insights you have from data analysis.

CRO Calculators

For how long do you need to run an A/B test? What is the minimal sample size? Is my experiment statistically significant? These calculators will help you answer these questions.

CRO Maturity tools

CRO Prioritization Frameworks

CRO Knowledge Platforms, Podcasts, Papers & Books

Site Speed Performance tools

Image Optimization tools

SEO tools

Web Analytics tools

Clean Room tools

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What are CRO tools?

CRO tools are the tools a CRO specialist uses to make the website and/or app that he/she is optimizing better. These CRO tools will give the CRO specialist the data, insights, help find pain points encountered by users and answers to make well-founded decisions. It can range from tools to do experiments with or gather qualitative data by doing surveys, or even monitor the site speed performance of the website.

Three CRO tools build by myself