I am a Growth Marketing Manager at VanMoof. I like to optimize websites based on insights and data for the user and VanMoof.

Previously I worked as a Senior CRO Analyst at International Bike Group / Fietsenwinkel.nl, Conversion Specialist and Web Analyst at The Next Web, Online Marketeer (focus on CRO & SEO) at Van der Valk Exclusief, and I was an Online Business Developer at Budeco.

In 2017 I graduated cum laude[1] the Master of Online Persuasion by Online Dialogue. In this course, I learned how the consumer' brain works, how rational and irrational we humans are and how to influence the decisions and experiences of a consumer' brain. In an ethical manner of course.


A/B/n and MVT Testing with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

The costs of using an A/B testing tool, such as Google Optimize 360, Optimizely or VWO, were rising without providing extra value. That is why I started developing this script at Valk Exclusief with Online Dialogue. At TNW I continued optimizing the script with Martijn Scheijbeler to make even leaner and more flexible.

In this article, I explain how and why I used it at TNW: A/B Testing with Google Tag Manager.

Example Containers for Google Tag Manager

We also shared our web and AMP example containers for Google Tag Manager. It includes our A/B testing script, but also outbound link tracking, JavaScript error tracking, engagement, scroll and YouTube tracking. You can find it on Github and add it to your own GTM container.

If you have any ideas to make the script better or GTM containers, please let me know or contribute on Github.