I work at Valk Exclusief as an Online Marketeer. Before that I worked at Budeco as an Online Business Developer and cofounded WPspeciali.st.

Websites should be efficient & effective. I like do that by optimizing websites based on insights and data. With the qualitative and quantitative data I know what to improve. Furthermore it helps to check and adjust the improvement.

I focus my knowledge and work around the fields of SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Persuasion and Web Analytics. I use tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer and of course Microsoft Excel and know my way around with HTML/CSS, JavaScript (jQuery) and WordPress.

Some of the A/B tests with specific persuasion technics I worked on got published.

I live in a small town called Harfsen in the Netherlands and work in Vianen (Utrecht). When I get back from work I like to watch a movie or go for a run grab my bike and go for a ride in the countryside. Of course I track every ride with RunKeeper and Strava and analyze the data to improve myself.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ or drop me a line.