Travel Gear

An unsorted list of travel gear I pack in my backpack. Inspired by Matt Mullenweg's "What's in my bag" post.

I like to travel with only the minimal essentials. Everything that I'm not using regulary, I don't want to take it with me.

My preferred backpacks

Goruck Echo (16L)
My daily backpack that I use for commuting to work when I only carry essentials.
Goruck GR1 (26L)
This is my other daily backpack that I use when going to the gym before or after work. This daypack is also big enough for a weekend away.
Goruck GR2 (40L)
The GR2 is great for longer trips. I used it to travel around Japan for 3 weeks. And the best thing is, it is still a carry-on backpack.

What travel gear is in my backpack?

Field Pocket GR2
4L field pocket that carries all sorts of small items. Like all the Apple adapters and cables. I also have the Echo and GR1 field pockets that I can use as packing cubes.
Sea to Summit See Pouch (medium)
Handy and light dopp kit. Because you can see through it, makes it very easy to go through security at an Airport when traveling with only carry-on.
Apple MacBook
With charger.
Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
Handy kit with all the adapters that you may need. The work for the laptop and iPad charger. So I take an iPad charger with me for charging my iPhone.
Apple AirPods
Maybe the best gadget purchase I have done in the last couple of years. I don't miss untangling the cables. And I feel totally comfortable wearing them while biking through Amsterdam.
Dopper water bottle
Stay hydrated. Drink water. Alcohol doesn't count. But make sure it's empty before you go through security at the airport.
Secrid wallet
I actually have 2 wallets. One is in my pocket with the most important cards that I use daily. And a second one with less important cards and some emergency cash.
Fenix E15 flashlight
Small but powerful EDC flashlight. Handy when you need to find a lock in the middle of the night. I make sure it's always in the same spot in my backpack. That way I can always find it by touch when it's dark.
Anker Powerbank (20.100 mAh)
To charge my iPhone and Macbook a couple of time. I noticed can charge my iPhone at least 5 times.
Pacsafe TAS cable lock
Not the best lock, doesn't feel very solid, but it works. For example for lockers in a hostel or to lock my backpack.
Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling headphones
I can't imagine flying without these. To me, they are essential for a comfortable flight.
Other small items
Lip balm, tissues, painkillers and a deck of cards. is the personal website of Simon Vreeman.

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